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Hi. I’m Bambi. I founded CANNA RESERVA after extensive searching (and researching) on industrial hemp products and supplements. As a fitness trainer and owner of a Nashville-based fitness and Pilates studio, I was looking for the right product to offer my clients. A product that would complement their overall journey for balance and well-being. A product that I could feel confident in using and proud to endorse.  A product that would meet my extracting standards for quality and purity--one that contained enough of all the right things (think full-spectrum hemp extract) and none of the wrong things (think GMOs, solvents, or isolates). So, I created CANNA RESERVA. Because I’m passionate (and persnickety) about the products I choose for myself, my loved ones, and my clients.



When I started CANNA RESERVA, I wanted to incorporate my passions into the culture of the company. Specifically my love of music, art, nature and fitness. Raised in Nashville, Tennessee, my father owned a music venue and I grew up surrounded by music and musicians. My father shared all of his love with me, including his love of music, and naming my blends with a musical reference is one way I honor that love. In college, I nurtured my creative soul and earned a degree in art. I have long believed in the healing power of the natural world and the benefits of natural plants and earth-powered substances. Twenty years ago I became a certified trainer and opened Nashville’s first full service Pilates studio. Today, I am still passionate about helping clients achieve a healthy balance in their lives. I believe in the connection of the mind, body, and spirit and support everyone's journey to lead and live their best life.



In 2019, CANNA RESERVA launched with the Stoned Collection, a collection of high-potency hemp supplements produced in small batches and inspired by my interest in crystal healing. For centuries, many cultures have believed that crystal gemstones can impart certain qualities to the wearer or to their nearby environment. It's this idea that inspired us to steep each batch of extract with select polished crystals before bottling. The Stoned Collection embodies all the goodness of cbd-rich full spectrum hemp extract with the added “plus” of exposure to natural gemstones.  Each bottle of our hemp extract in the Stoned Collection is hand-crafted and hand-poured with loving hands.



We strive to create products that are safe and effective and derived from natural ingredients while practicing sustainability. Because our product standards are high, and our standards for ourselves are even higher.

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