CBD Tinctures and Crystal Energy: A Powerful Combination for All-Natural Healing

Crystal therapy has been a form of alternative medicine for centuries. The field is based on the theory that different crystals offer certain healing or restorative properties, and when used accordingly, they can assist people in getting certain aspects of their body or health back to where it should be and back in balance. In crystal healing, each type of crystal is thought to offer its own unique healing benefits for the mind, body, and soul.

Combining the benefits of crystals with the benefits of CBD is a great way to maximize the potential health benefits of natural substances in a singular product. Much in the way that some companies add extra vitamins to milk or orange juice, adding extra elements to a CBD tincture can be a great way to boost its already beneficial properties. Keep reading to learn more about crystal healing and how it can work with CBD for the entire body, inside and out.

The Theory Behind Crystals

Although there isn’t a lot of science out there to support the use of crystals, there are many people who swear by them, and who have sworn by them, for many years. The key here, according to those who practice with crystals, is indulging in reflection, acceptance, and mindfulness to see the most effective results from the use of crystals. It’s important to keep an open mind and learn what different crystals can do so that you can maximize their potential benefits.

Which Crystals Work with CBD?

It will be important for anyone who is seeking the benefits of CBD and crystal healing to get to know which types of crystals are available, as well as which ones will work most effectively alongside CBD to produce the desired health effects. Since CBD is commonly used for things like pain relief and calming various parts of the body, the crystals that promote calming, relaxation, and pain relief are going to be the most synergistic with cannabidiols.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is all about love—for both yourself and others. The stone promotes restoration of harmony, balance, and trust in relationships. It can also encourage inner peace, self-respect, and self-worth, things from which everyone can benefit these days. Known to address the heart chakra, this crystal has also been purported to offer calmness and comfort during times of loss and grief.

Many rose quartz CBD products are in the form of roll-ons, lotions, and oils, or other topical tinctures and creams. Thanks to the combination of CBD and crystal energy, they provide a variety of moisturizing and restorative properties for the body. Teas are also available.


Citrine is known to assist the solar plexus chakra, offering energy and clarity. This crystal is said to assist in releasing negative emotions and traits, encouraging optimism and motivation, and even to promote warmth. Some claim that citrine can assist with mindfulness and its related qualities, such as concentration and creativity.

This substance has also been purported to assist with depression and even to aid some people in dealing with serious fears and phobias. Citrine, like rose quartz, is often found in roll-on products or health and beauty products and tinctures. There are also teas available, again, as well as other forms of crystal-infused CBD that can be used to maximize the potential health-and-wellness supporting benefits.


Amethyst is used to help the crown chakra, providing protective and healing support from the mind down into the body. This grounding, calming energy is claimed to assist in eliminating negative thoughts, bringing forth humility and wisdom, and to promote sobriety. Amethyst has also been used to aid in sleep support, both by helping to alleviate insomnia and also by assisting in understanding our dreams.

For the body, this purple stone has been claimed to offer assistance for pain relief and stress relief. It may also boost hormone production and help cleanse the blood, which can promote an overall sense of wellbeing and improved energy. Amethyst, in this capacity and others, may also assist with antioxidant activity, wound healing, and fighting bacteria.

A Note on Efficacy and Quality

Since crystals and CBD supplements are part of a largely under-regulated industry, it is always important to discuss things like quality and efficacy. When it comes to supplements like these, many considerations go into choosing what is best for your needs, and the primary one should be choosing products that are made by reputable companies and that have pure ingredients without additives or fillers.

Like any supplement, CBD tinctures that contain crystal energy need to be made in the purest form and using the most effective production methods available. People who are unfamiliar with the way that crystals work and the proper way to incorporate them with CBD may be unable to provide you with the most effective products on the market. Always make sure that you’re checking out what you are getting when you are first venturing into the world of CBD tinctures and crystal healing.

Try CBD Crystal Tinctures Today

Our Stoned Collection CBD tinctures are steeped with polished crystals before bottling. Through our passions for plant-based wellness products and the ancient study of crystal therapies, we’ve combined the power of crystal energies with high-quality, small batch CBD to harness the calming, healing, and other restorative properties nature.

If you are open to the potential healing powers of nature, these tinctures could provide a variety of health solutions for you. The biggest thing to keep in mind is to choose products from people who understand both crystals and the potential healing benefits of CBD so that you can maximize both, no matter what issues you are dealing with. Try out any of these combinations today and see what kind of health improvements you can find by capitalizing on the restorative potential of nature.





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